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DA - 2x03

"From your phrasing, I gather the answer you want from me is ‘no’?" - one of my favourite Elsie Hughes quotes.

One thing, Mr. C.—from the look on your face, *I* gather you’d rather ask the woman a question to which she’d answer with a ‘yes’… GO ON THEN, MAN, WE’RE ALL DYING HERE TO SEE THIS.

…and that’s a wrap! Thank you for being patient with me… ;)

DA - 2x03

The Most Reluctantly Accepted Proposal Ever.

And Elsie’s smile, making everything better.

And then there’s the look on her face when the general’s leaving and Mr. Lang loses it… how is this woman not nominated for a BAFTA, please?

DA - 2x03

"Sharing" is clearly not the word Cora and Isobel were hoping to hear.

Yay, Edith! (No need to look so surprised, Lady G.!)

Michelle, get out with your face, you’re killing me…

DA - 2x03

Elsie saves the day yet again. See, Mrs. P.? She’s ALWAYS right.

…and of course she notices something’s off with Branson.

The Downton Derby, or: Can You Run Fast Enough To Stop A Potential Murder?

Ahh, the music in that scene… the strings are killing me.

Elsie’s wrath. Probably the scariest thing in the world.

DA - 2x03

Oh, Mrs. Patmore, I know you mean well, but…

Poor Mary. She’s got so much going on… And Edith, dear Edith: kudos to you, girl.

DA - 2x03

Did you see that little nod Charles gave Elsie there? It clearly meant ‘Go on, I’ll join you in a minute—just don’t lock the door…’

DA - 2x03


And O’Lang.

If this scene lacks anything, it’s Charles forgetting himself and following Elsie to her bedroom instead of his own. Just sayin’.

DA - 2x03

Mr. Carson is not amused. Neither is Dr Clarkson…

That scene, in which Charles, Richard and Robert all squirm to try and get away from an awkward conversation = perfection.

And so Edith finds her purpose. Good for you, love.

Branson Conspires Against The World. A-ha!

DA - 2x03

Mary’s fighting her grandmother and aunt for the sake of Lavinia. It’s rather awesome, if you don’t mind my saying so.

I want Anna’s hat. But the pub scenes make me sad.

DA - 2x03

Elsie is not amused by Ethel’s antics.

And she sees everything, and everyONE. She’s basically a goddess.

Ahh, the curling iron. Looking pretty, Anna!